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Welcome to the ENMAT Knowledge Base


Welcome to the ENMAT Knowledge Base 

We have designed this resource to help you find the information you need in relation to ENMAT Energy Monitoring and Targeting Tracking software released by Envantage Ltd. 


Useful Links:

www.en-mat.com The main ENMAT webiste provides information on products and services provided by ENMAT 

status.en-mat.com : Enmat Service status website provides you with the latest service statuses for the ENMAT system, such as any planned maintenance or issues occurring.  

updates.en-mat.com ENMAT Updates website provides you with the latest softwware updates to the enmat system such as enhancements, new dashboards, charts, graphs etc. 

support.en-mat.com : ENMAT Help Desk allows users to submit and view support tickets.


kb.en-mat.com : ENMAT Knowledge Base is an information repository that provides a means for information to be collected, organized, shared, searched and utilized


For any further help please email info@en-mat.com or tel:+44(0) 161 448 7722

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